Crypto Daijin

Nishimura Yasutoshi

Noda Yoshihiko

Ishiba Shigeru

Koizumi Shinjiro

Noda Seiko

Noda Seiko:Non-faction (of the LDP) Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. Once, she was questioned about her eligibility to become prime minister because of her comment that “The problems in the East China Sea have nothing to do with Japan.” She has experience in holding various posts in the past. As a female politician, she… Continue reading Noda Seiko

Kouno Tarou

Tarou Kouno:Aso Faction (of the LDP) Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. He is a rationalist and used to be known as an heretic in the party. Liberal thinking. He is a communicator. He has a high ranking of instagram followers and is very popular on the internet. He is well known and popular with… Continue reading Kouno Tarou

Koike Yuriko

Yuriko koike:Tokyoites first group Member of the Tokyoites first group. She read the political situation well and has a reputation for election maneuvering. She was instrumental in the redevelopment of Ikebukuro to restore public safety. She is working to clean up the downtown area.

Kishida Fumio

Fumio Kishida:Kishida Faction (of the LDP) Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. The 8th chairman of the Kochi Society, he is a liberal. He appealed for the correction of disparities through distribution. He is a  good-natured cautious man and lacks the ability to transmission power. . . An election event is happening now for… Continue reading Kishida Fumio

Hatoyama Yukio

【Yukio Hatoyama (Yukio Hatopyama ?):The preppy daijin ?】 第93代内閣総理大臣。立憲民主党所属。資産家一族の家系に生まれる。座右の銘として「友愛」を掲げる理想主義の人。スピリチュアルにも造詣が深く宇宙人の異名を誇る。民主党の結党を呼びかけた人の一人。 The 93th Prime Minister of Japan. Member of the Democratic Party. An idealistic person whose motto is “fraternity”. He also has a knowledge of spirituality and has been called an alien. He was one of the people who called for the formation of the Democratic Party… Continue reading Hatoyama Yukio

Shimomura Hakubun

【Yoshihiko Noda(Koshihiko Noda?):The weatherfish daijin ?】 第95代内閣総理大臣。立憲民主党所属。自らを『ドジョウ』に例え、地道で堅実な政治姿勢を表明した。しかし任期中は震災からの復興、財政再建など課題が山積であった。日本の2大政党制となる可能性があったが、最終的には売り言葉に買い言葉で自分の首を絞めてしまった。 The 95th Prime Minister of Japan. Member of the Constitutional Democratic Party. Comparing himself to a loach, he expressed his steady and ordinary political stance. However, during his term in office, there were many issues to be dealt with, such as reconstruction from the earthquake and financial reconstruction,… Continue reading Shimomura Hakubun