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Tachibana Takashi

“Party in court with NHK. Violation of Article 72 of the Lawyers Act.” Party Leader

Yamamoto Tarou

Reizwa Shinsengumi Party Leader

Fukushima Mizuho

Social Democratic Party Leader

Shii Kazuo

Communist Party Leader

Edano Yukio

Constitutional Democratic Party Party Leader

Tamaki Yuichirou

National Democratic Party Party Leader

Yamaguchi Natsuo

Komeito Party Leader

Matsui Ichirou

Japan Restoration Party Leader

Takaichi Sanae

Sanae Takaichi:Non-faction Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. She is popular with some conservatives on the Internet. Longest-serving Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. Since 2021, she and former Prime Minister Abe have been holding policy study sessions together. She advocates New Abenomics, which is an evolution of the growth strategy into “growth investment. Diplomatic… Continue reading Takaichi Sanae

Katou Katsunobu