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Kan Naoto

【Naoto Kan(Naoto Pan?):The 3.11 earthquake daijin ?】 第94代内閣総理大臣。立憲民主党所属。短気であったためか党内の求心力は脆弱で、政権運営は迷走していた。そんな中で大震災が発生し対応に追われる。結果的に退任することとなるが、彼は強い決意を持って再生可能エネルギー促進法を成立させた。 The 94th Prime Minister of Japan. Member of the Constitutional Democratic Party. Perhaps because of his short temper, his centripetal force within the party was weak, and he had difficulty in managing his cabinet. In the midst of all this, the earthquake strikes and he was forced… Continue reading Kan Naoto