Abe shinzo

【Shinzo Abe(Shinso Abe?):The long term daijin ?】

第90, 96, 97, 98代内閣総理大臣。自由民主党所属。政治一家に生まれる。第一次安倍内閣は志半ばで退任することとなる。第二次安倍内閣は発足してから長期政権となり、内閣総理大臣として歴代最長の任期を全うした。天性の人たらしとして世界のトップと親密な仲を築く。選挙活動中に暗殺され、志半ばにしてこの世を去った。

The 90, 96, 97, 98th Prime Minister of Japan. Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. Born into a political family. In the first cabinet, he left office without fulfilling his ambition. The second cabinet became a long-term government, and he served the longest term as prime minister in history. As a natural smooth talker, he has developed close relationships with the top people in the world. He was assassinated during a campaign and died before his ambitions were fulfilled.